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The QUICK "Mondo Deco" LP and CRUSHED BUTLER "Uncrushed" LP!

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quick LP!
THE QUICK "Mondo Deco" LP
RHB - 108

The Radio Heartbeat re-issue has been faithfully restored from the original master tapes and comes packaged with original cover art plus an added printed dust jacket.

While supplies last!
There is a special promo kit version available (limited to 125 copies) which contains a 14 page Quick FANZINE, Press Photos, and button.

THE QUICK "Mondo Deco" LP + Promo Pack = $20

THE QUICK "Mondo Deco" LP = $15


Crushed Butler LP! CRUSHED BUTLER "Uncrushed" LP
RHB - 110

Many bands are called legendary, few are. Among them are Crushed Butler whose assualt on the UK prog rock scene in 69-70 layed out the dynamics that were to follow in the best punk, glam and pub rock records of the seventies. From the anthemic R&B classic "High School Dropout", to the pure punk mayhem of "It's My Life" and "Factory Grime" and the heavy Sabbath-esque psych of "Love Is All Around Me" this has long been a record deserving of wider accessibility. Radio Heartbeat Records is pleased to make that happen. The RHB LP edition adds a 2nd version of "High School Dropout" and an previously unreleased instrumental recording, "Let It Ring" to the 6 tracks first pressed on the Dig The Fuzz 10" in the 90s to make this the definitive vinyl release that contains the band's complete surviving recordings.

There is a special press kit version available (limited to 75 copies) which contains bonus Crushed Butler press photos, reprinted emphera, Crushed Butler comic and badge.

CRUSHED BUTLER "Uncrushed" LP + Press Pack = $20

CRUSHED BUTLER "Uncrushed" LP = $15


Coming Soon!

2020 LP! 20/20 "Remember The Lightning" 2LP/CD
Unreleased and Demos 1976-80
RHB - 107

The legendary recordings 20/20 made between their Bomp single and the first Portrait LP finally see the light of day in a deluxe Gatefold 2LP and Digipak CD edition on Radio Heartbeat Records. Far from merely out takes, the first disc plays more as a lost 20/20 first LP including songs such as "Going Up With My Girl," "World of Fools," "Let's Go" and "That Girl Was Yesterday" that formed the basis of their early sets. All recorded at Kitchen Sync and Warner Bros Studios in '78 and '79 these tracks ended up being shelved by the band as they were excited to write completely new material after signing with Portrait. The second disc gives fans access to the demo versions of "Yellow Pills," "Cheri," "Remember the Lightning" and "Giving It All." All in all, RHB 107 is envisioned to reveal the band at the height of their creative impulses and display all the raw energy and minimal studio production that fans of the Bomp single have long awaited on Vinyl and CD.


Limit flyer The Limit LP / CD
RHB - 111

Radio Heartbeat Records will release on LP and CD New Orleans' punk/powerpop legends The Limit's complete stdio recordings plus a selection of live soundboard originals that more than live up to RHB's standards. The release will contain the complete self-titled 10" EP inlcuding "Uh-Oh" and "Candy Rocks" along with "Modern Girl" which appeared only on a WRNO Radio sampler. While it is a shame, considering their quality, that some of their other originals were never treated to studio recording, we're still fortunate to have these available in quality live recordings.

Out in January on Radio Heartbeat!


ambulance flyer AMBULANCE LP / CD / 45
RHB - 111

Radio Heartbeat Records will release an Ambulance full length LP / CD with a special 7" repressing of the powerpop classic 45 "It's All Up To You" as well as mmaking avaailable the video! "It's All Up To You". LP/CD will contain the classic 45 tracks plus never released studio recordings.

Out in January on Radio Heartbeat!